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A flatulent wannabe influencer struggles to promote a particularly nasty beverage. 

Directed by Mary Dauterman
Written by/starring Jenny Donheiser

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White Rock Skate

A delusional woman desperately clings to an abandoned skating rink and her memories of it.

Directed by Mary Dauterman
Written by Mary Dauterman and Jenny Donheiser

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Official Selection: Florida Film Festival 2019 (World Premiere)



Etta, a horny 20-something alien, travels to Earth to bone Ross Geller (of "Friends") who she believes is real.

Directed by Jenny Donheiser and Lisa Maria Hall
Written by Jenny Donheiser
Starring: Susan Casey, Meagan Kensil, Benj Mirman, Arielle Siegel, Janna Emig, Brandon Tarzis, and Eric Williams. 



A webseries. Kind of like if Bert and Ernie were live action.

Created, written by, and starring Jenny Donheiser and Meagan Kensil

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